Mercenary camp

Search for loot, skin worg. Farmers come out of their huts, we escort farmers to the Kirchhagen. There’s a big crowd at gate, guards are checking people. They tell us there’s a bounty reward for bandit leader head worth 52 and a half gold.

Farmer has relative in town that will sell items for discount for saving him.

Ask to speak to the lord in the keep, told to talk to retainer. Follow the retainer down the staircase behind a bookshelf. We’re permitted to take one item from armor & weapon shelf, potion shelf or magic scroll shelf.

We volunteer to help with bandit problem, and report to the captain at the Flaming Boat. Assigned to Division 23, lead by dwarf captain named Stoutaxe. Get briefed about bandit base probably in the east. Go to tavern, Alci and Parker drink ale; Parker gets sloshed with the captain.

Next morning, Parker and Stoutaxe go to the tavern. Tato and Alci head to the shop to see what discount he has. Alci finds some tracks and tells the captain. We are sent to an excursion to follow those tracks in the east.

Fought an ogre zombie. Parker loots the zombie. We found abandoned campfire that’s been there for a day. Continue east. Approach a village that have dead people, even the young kids. Burn the corpses, ends up burning the entire village, return to mercenary camp and report what we found to Captain Stoutaxe.


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