Brawler's Arena

We’re told by the Captain to go scout the possible bandit area northeast from Kirchhagen. We ride off, stopping at Deutzen. We discover that bandits harassing the town’s farm and stealing their resources. There’s a local brawler’s pit. Parker and Alci participated in the free-for-all and won first place. Beer party at the tavern after spectating the bear fight with the bear grappler man. Parker strikes a deal with the mayor to investigate the spy. Next morning, we go to mayor’s office. He looks visibly terrible with a hangover. We plan to infiltrate the bandit handout by disguising as recruits so that we know what their plans are and report it back to the camp at Kirchhagen.

Mercenary camp

Search for loot, skin worg. Farmers come out of their huts, we escort farmers to the Kirchhagen. There’s a big crowd at gate, guards are checking people. They tell us there’s a bounty reward for bandit leader head worth 52 and a half gold.

Farmer has relative in town that will sell items for discount for saving him.

Ask to speak to the lord in the keep, told to talk to retainer. Follow the retainer down the staircase behind a bookshelf. We’re permitted to take one item from armor & weapon shelf, potion shelf or magic scroll shelf.

We volunteer to help with bandit problem, and report to the captain at the Flaming Boat. Assigned to Division 23, lead by dwarf captain named Stoutaxe. Get briefed about bandit base probably in the east. Go to tavern, Alci and Parker drink ale; Parker gets sloshed with the captain.

Next morning, Parker and Stoutaxe go to the tavern. Tato and Alci head to the shop to see what discount he has. Alci finds some tracks and tells the captain. We are sent to an excursion to follow those tracks in the east.

Fought an ogre zombie. Parker loots the zombie. We found abandoned campfire that’s been there for a day. Continue east. Approach a village that have dead people, even the young kids. Burn the corpses, ends up burning the entire village, return to mercenary camp and report what we found to Captain Stoutaxe.

Bandit problem

Three adventurers are staying in a town called Kleinharl. For various reasons, they are in the tavern. The innkeeper has a lazy eye, looks bored. He offers free food, his daughter made too much. He brings out a bunch of cookies. The Hunter gladly eats all of the cookies. Bartender is mildly amused at the entertainment.

The adventurers introduce themselves to one another. Drunken guy in the corner mumbles something. Tato picks up that the drunken guy has seen a bunch of strange people in town. Tato then decides to tell the other two what the mumbling was about.

Innkeeper seems to know about the strange people. Tato decides to ask the innkeeper about it, who advises the three of them to leave. They leave.

Parker and Tato hear horses off in the distance near the north. Ride south. Some townsfolk get killed due to bandit problem in kingdom of Clodra.

Camp out. Parker investigates the rustling, found nothing. Continue to Kirchhagen.

We approach a small village around the river. Tato notices footprints that come from the northeast direction. Tato tells the Parker about this. There may be 4 or 5 people and an animal, whose footprint is smaller than human.

We see a villager get stabbed from behind, the killer was a dwarf and his two companions. We hear someone yelling at them. Battle ensues.

Leader yields. A worg appears! Leader impaled himself on Parker’s scimitar. And then we searched for loot.


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