The Kingdom of Clodra is a kingdom in the south-west corner of Großwalbur that is rich and populous. It has a wide spread of people’s with a human majority. The rule of the law is paramount in this realm and banditry is followed with strict punishments accordingly.


It is ruled by an absolute monarch that is elected by the prime nobility at a term of 20 years. After their time has passed they may no longer be re-elected, nor may any of their immediate heirs, like sons and daughters.

While absolute in power legally, the monarch normally administers through a cabinet of peers of both nobility and peasantry as elected by the various towns. These are however not technically mandatory and may be entirely ignored by the monarch. There is no precedent of this ever happening.

In the worst cases the monarch may be diplomatically impeached if a large majority of the cabinet of 70% agrees to do. If the monarch does not willingly give up power it may be forcibly taken back by the cabinet, triggering an emergency election.


Clodra features several major rivers that run through it. The quieter parts of these rivers help expedite transport of good from the highlands to the coast line for sales.

There are two major forests in the kingdom, both being in the south-east corner.

Demographics & Population

Approximately 36M people live in the kingdom of Clodra at a density of roughly 96 people/km² making it an above average developed kingdom.

The racial demographics of this kingdom do not skew very much from the continental average of Großwalbur other than a slightly higher elf presence comparatively of around 3%.


The towns around Lake Salm produce the majority of the coal and iron that is used in the production of steel in the kingdom. The coal and ore are loaded onto ships towards Salmdorf where it is processed into steel. From there it is sent down the Traut river towards Sebnitz to be quality inspected and distributed for either sale outside of the kingdom or use within it.

Fish is the primary product of several of Clodra’s western cities and towns, due to their close proximity to the sea.

The majority of the realm’s agriculture is done in and around Kleinweil in the west. Apple orchards and wheat are the primary sources of this agriculture.

Lumber is produced in the east around Burstah. Much care is taken to replace the trees cut using the aid of druids, having learnt from the mistakes of their neighbour to the north.


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