The world of Declorum is one with a mixed history. Many races dot it, including humans, elves, dwarves and others. There are no superpowers and instead there exists many small kingdoms. There were several attempts in the past to unite any given region but they’ve always come to fail for one reason or another. This happens in cycles, or as this world calls them “Kriegepoch”. During those times great conflicts would arise, destroying whole kingdoms to leave room for a new one to rise in its place as the conquerors inevitably erupt into states of civil war. The end result is always the same: a return to a shattered world of small kingdoms, albeit with new ruler ship and new borders.

Magic, while not overly common, is something that is very much so present in this world. The peasantry are a bit leery of it but even they cannot deny its usefulness and at the very least tolerate its presence. Given the option though they would much rather it not exist at all.

As such, the new focus on learning has started the world on the path of technology. This has started pushing the world’s populations into areas which was once assumed to only be in the realm of magic. Many new and prosperous towns have even started growing from the humble beginnings of simple villages.

Regional tensions, and banditry, have been building in light of these new technologies as a whole new armament, being called a “Musket”, is shaking the fragile power base of the regions. There are even whispers that a new Kriegepoch has started.


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