The continent of Großwalbur consists of 9 distinct kingdoms:

  1. Clodra
  2. Grauwald
  3. Bükow
  4. Leerland
  5. Zewen
  6. Hochwald
  7. Pelka
  8. Bleyen
  9. Linter


The geography of this continent consists mostly of forested highlands with a few, but large, lakes. This allows a booming lumber industry to thrive in the area, however this has left considerable marks on the land. The appropriately named kingdom of Leerland (lit. Empty Country) is a sign of an over reliance on lumber.


Major industries of the continent include (in order of value):

  • Lumber
  • Mining, primarily coal and iron
  • Steelworks
  • Fishing
  • Agriculture


The majority of the region’s populace resides in the south-west corner kingdoms of Clodra and Bükow. The demographics of the continent as a whole is as follows:

  • 55% Human
  • 30% Dwarf
  • 10% Halfling
  • 5% a mix of the rest


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